“It is the age of digital!” Such a statement is definitely true if you care enough to look around. People nowadays spend the majority of their life, connected to the net. For SME, such fact is an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity because if your business has an amazing online presence, your business will likely to get more customer than ever before. A challenge because if you do not and your competitor does, you are likely to close down your business because of losing customer, even the loyal one.

One very simple way that any SME can start building their online presence is to have a professional website. “Why a website?” , I am glad you asked. It is because nowadays where people find their information online, a professional-made website is likely to stand out like a black sheep among other thousands similar competitor. It is the easiest to show customers that your business is professional and you are invested in giving them the value they deserved.

Why invest in a professional website?

A website is a window of what a company is and what they represent. This is true whether your model is B2B or B2C.

A good website showed customers about history, why you are in the business and how wonderful your product and services are. A professional one takes it up a notch, it shows why you should be trusted. This is essential if your focus is to build branding for your company.

A professional website
A website is a window of what a company is and what they represent.

If you and your competitors have a similar product, it is very important to show that you are trustworthy. Imagine if you are to buy a very expensive product and you went to the store. The store look run down and look like no one had cared to clean it up for the last 30 days. It is the equivalent to selling your products in a badly made website.

Invest in your website, it is worth it.

Why a good marketing tool?

A good website is often also integrated with wonderful tools for marketing. In nowadays, remarketing has been a common practice among big corporates, but not among SME. Most SME thinks it is expensive to perform remarketing. However, it turns out that if your website is made professionally. You can easily track and identify potential prospect if they every dropped by your site. It is important that you learn more about your customer, for if you do, you will be able to optimize your products and sell more to customers.

a professional website
A good website is often also integrated with wonderful tools for marketing

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